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Double the the value of the dollar you donate with Dual Impact Giving

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We make your dollars do twice the good

Dual Impact Giving doubles the power of each dollar you contribute to the causes your passionate about. Putting their specialized skills to work, our graduate and student volunteers work in tandem with wide variety of social and environmental initiatives that make the world a better place for us all. Support a volunteer today and see your contributions at work with greater transparency and efficiency than ever before!
Support a Student or Grad
Find a student or graduate with similar interests, and make a donation
See your Contribution in Action
Get photo and video updates as they complete vital volunteer work
Double Your Impact
Double the impact of your donation by supporting higher education and the causes you care about at the same time

You Made This Possible

Get to know us

More than Giving

Learn About Our Mission
CandidWorks provides students and graduates the freedom to volunteer for the causes you care about without student loan debt holding them back.
Why CandidWorks
CandidWorks was made by people just like you, and because of that, we know exactly what you need in a systemic solution. Read about our inspiration today.
You're in good hands

Twice the Impact with Less Waste

Operating with only 5% overhead means more of your money goes to the causes you care about, and less goes to waste. In fact, 31.9% less compared with the average non-profit - all while making your donations go twice as far!

100% Transparency

See Your Impact

Where typical charities and non-profits request money from donors with little transparency into how their contributions are spent, we aim to directly connect you with the way every dollar towards your mission is put to use. That's why we ask that all students and graduates to take a quick video at the beginning and end a volunteer session to let you know what their working on and the impact you made with your dollar.

For the gift you've given us, it's the least we can do to show our appreciation. For more information on how we validate the work that is done with your contributions and help settle any disputes, please visit our FAQ page where we aim to  make all aspects of CandidWorks operations and mission 100% transparent at all times.
How to Contribute

Assessing Value

There's no magic number on the value your gift can make in the lives of others, but to give you a starting place we crafted a Suggested Contribution Value that helps estimate what level of gift may best help the causes you care about and the volunteers who support them. While this value is may vary by depending on the student or graduate's individual circumstances, we aim to see each volunteer able to repay their student loan debt with a full day or two a month of service.

For benefactors who would like to make larger contributions that can be disseminated to multiple students working for a cause you care about, please reach out and Contact Us page to learn more about our efforts to become a 501c3 and accept tax deductible donations that can be made on your behalf!

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