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We Are Eliminating Student Debt with Dual Impact Giving

A better way to give

Dual Impact Giving makes your contributions go 2x as far

Donate to a Student or Grad
Contribute to the Student Loan Debt of a Student or Graduate
See your contribution in action
Get video updates as they provide vital volunteer work in the community
Double your impact
Support the causes you care about and higher education at the same time
What to expect

What it Means to Give

At CandidWorks, giving back comes first
At CandidWorks, our mission is to provide students and graduates the freedom to volunteer without student debt holding them back. Solving a $1.4T crisis? That a bonus.

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Students & Graduates

CandidWorks is free and easy. All it takes is a little goodwill and elbow-grease to get started

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Get 2x the value of your dollar and while getting better transparency and efficiency

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Volunteer Initiatives

Get skilled boots on the ground when and where you need them

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A new solution

Student debt needs a modern Solution

At With 1 in 2 borrowers willing to provide significantly more volunteer service for even minor debt relief, for even minor we’re ready and equipped to take on the most pressing issues facing our world today.

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What makes it so special

Why CandidWorks

Dual Impact giving is more than just a buzzword. It's a verb, and  means giving once, and getting twice in return. By contributing to a student or graduate who agrees to provide vital volunteers service in your area, you can be part of the solution for not just the causes you care about, but the Student Loan Debt Crisis impacting 44 million Americans right now.
What makes Dual Impact Giving even better is the efficiency. Not only does it provide greater transparency by asking students and graduates to provide photo/video updates of their volunteer work, it's also  more saves money. Where traditional charity or non-profit operates at an average 36.9% overhead (yes, meaning $36 of every hundred get pocketed for operations expenses - and up to 98% in some cases), CandidWorks operates at just 5% meaning your dollars don't just do twice the good, but go even further by solving for wasted overhead!
Whats going on now

CandidWorks Campaigns

Corey Fowlkes - 412868_355096027835063_1
Corey - Call Me Mister for disad...

Hi, I'm Corey and I'm leading the Call Me Mister program for youth without dads in our under privileged community. Because of my debt, I;...

$280 raised - 1 month goal
Carrie Mouser Gravely - Softball - 80958
Carrie - Keeping little league dreams

Hi all, I'm Carrie and I'm a K-4 principal in a low-income school district. I recently gave up coordinating rec-sports to get a 2nd job deliv...

$280 raised - 1 month goal
Johnny - Houses for Equity

Hi, I'm Johnny and I'm a former construction worker working in IT. On the weekends I love to volunteer when I can, but I'm running out of...

$280 raised - 1 month goal
Hui - Bringing Children to Grade Le...

I'm Hui, and I'm studying to help children with learning disabilities. As a foreigner, my student loans have a 12% interest rate, and I can no...

$320 raised - 1 month goal
Sammy - Developing Worlds Apart...

Hi, I'm Samantha and this year I had the opportunity to apply my engineering skills to work on houses in Ghana. Unfortunately, I ca...

$4000 raised - 1 year goal
Nick - Engineering for Tomorrow

Hi, I'm Nick and each year I try to give something back to the world. This year I want to take my labor to the recently devastated...

$1800 raised - 3 month goal

Ready to get started? Join the mission free today.

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