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Support the causes you care about without worrying about student debt.

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Getting Started is Free and Easy

CandidWorks was created to be easy to be free and easy for everyone with student debt. No more waiting on never-ending application processes with large organization, and no need to commit to traditional term forgiveness programs that can require a 10 years in a career to take effect. Simply create an account, explain the volunteer service you'd like to do, and start sourcing funds for your next social or environmental endeavor!
Create an Account
Creating an account with CandidWorks is easy, and you'll never be asked to pay for membership.
Start a Campaign
Tell the world how you can volunteer with their help, and honor it whenever funded
Share Your Impact
Check-in with a quick video each time you begin & end work to share the impact

You Made This Possible

Get to know us

More than Giving

Learn About Our Mission
CandidWorks was designed to provide students and graduates the freedom to provide service to causes they about without student loan debt holding them back.
We're Right There With You
CandidWorks was made by people just like you, and because of that, we know exactly what you need in a systemic solution. Read about our inspiration today.
You're in good hands

There are 44 Million of Us Just Like You

At CandidWorks, you're never alone. In fact, millions of Americans worry about their debt every day. This is going to have a positive, reassuring message that continues to uplift them. They need to know it's okay.

Whats Expected

Sharing the Impact

One of the most important ways we can give back is by showing our gratitude. That's why we ask that you upload a brief video of yourself every time you start and end a volunteer session. Think of it kind of like a mini-blog.

Doing this not only helps us verify the volunteer work thats being conducted, but also serves as a way to say thanks the people who supported you by showing the impact their donations they made.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but a quick check-in saying where and when your starting your volunteer effort - and a quick recap at the end of the day showing your work is all thats needed to stay in good standing and keep up the good work.
Assessing Value

Setting Goals

There's no magic number that can be put on the value of the service you give to others, and we don't dictate what to ask. What we do ask of you is not to set campaign goals greater than your monthly loan payment.

You can set recurring goals if you plan to volunteer reliably every month (and we love to see that!), but in the interest of our mission to harness direct to debt payment in the coming months, we ask that all campaigns are created this way for the time being. If you would like to know more about how to set responsible campaign goals, we advise everyone to read our section on 'Suggested Contribution Value' before beginning.

Ready to get started? Join the mission free today.

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