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You  have the 
to make a change.
The CandidWorks way.



This is dual impact giving...

Dual Impact Giving  (DIG) is more than a buzz word:

Dual Impact Giving  (.verb): 1 + 1 = 4

Donating money  to a cause or individual
that creates 

 Exponetial good.  You help others

Help themselves

 So they can help others   Help themsevles...

We help students get funding, charities get help, and donors do TWICE the good.

1. DONATION TO STUDENTS: Donations pay off student debt directly.

2. VOLUNTEER PLEDGE: In return, students pledge to donate time (equivalent to the donation received) to working for a charity, and document their work with pictures, videos, and updates.

3. CHARITY WORK: Charities verify the work is done. They get access to a free skilled labor force to support their mission, with whatever they need from technical assistance to helping hands.

Partners &


You have all heard it before, it takes a village.


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