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Providing better support to the social, and environmental causes that impact us all, while supporting the higher education of a generation of altruistic individuals ready to pay it forward.

The CandidWorks Mission

Providing better support to the social, and environmental causes that impact us all, while supporting the higher education of a generation of altruistic individuals ready to pay it forward.

At CandidWorks, our mission is to inspire action among those who are passionate about social and environmental improvement while reducing national student loan debt at the same time. To accomplish this, we’ve created a way for benefactors to connect with like-minded students and graduates, and donate to their student loan debt in exchange for their volunteer to a social or environmental cause of similar interest. For volunteers, this means the financial freedom to break away from student loan debt and contribute more time back into the community, all while gaining real world experience in the social and environmental sectors that matter most. For benefactors, this means making your donations go twice as far by helping support both an individual’s education and the causes you care about, all while creating a new generation of philanthropic individuals ready to pay it forward. In essence, doubling the altruistic value of the American dollar by helping the same charitable causes we care about, while reducing national student loan debt at the same time!

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Why It


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At $1.3-1.4 trillion and growing, national student loan debt is the second highest debt group in existence today. Impacting 44 Million Americans and trailing only our total US mortgage debt, it will take an astronomical amount of funds, or a new way of processing student loan debt to alleviate the burden it places on our nation’s young adults and their families. While nearly a quarter million students abandon the idea of higher education each year, an estimated $410 billion are contributed to charities annually. That’s a large enough sum to not only reverse the estimated $45 billion growth in our student loan debt each year, but also begin to reduce the impact it has on our indebted and the economy.

Our nation's young adults, are the most passionate about the same social and environmental causes that our current charities and non-profits are; however, the pressure of student loan debt often makes it difficult to find the means to support them financially or physically. Contributing funds could mean going further into debt, and volunteering could mean taking time away from our secondary jobs, or extra efforts trying to find the means to make our next step in life. We also can’t just start asking people to start making charitable donations to us. That would divert money away from other good causes that we care about. What we would be willing to do; however, is contribute significantly more time volunteering for the social and environmental causes we care about if we weren’t so burdened by our debt.

By creating a platform that enables students and graduates the ability to crowd-source funding for their student loan debt in exchange for their pledge to provide volunteer service, our mission is to create a new model for philanthropic giving that goes beyond a single beneficiary, and creates twice the impact. By supporting a graduate or student, you are not only helping relieve the impact of the student loan debt crisis, but also making your contributions go twice as far to improve the social and environmental causes you care about, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional charity. To learn more about how we got started and the history of CandidWorks, visit the "Our Story" page!

How It Works

Double the value of your dollar while seeing it put to action

At a fraction of the cost of the traditional charity, CandidWorks enables students, graduates, and benefactors to give back to their communities, all while becoming more directly involved in the causes they care about. 

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By creating a profile, students and graduates can post their skills, background, and interest in volunteering, and run campaigns to crowd-source funding for their student debt. In addition, volunteer organizers can create profiles that inform others of their areas of need, and better source skilled, empathetic support through the volunteerism of students and graduates.

Operating as a peer to peer network not only connects individuals with the causes they support, but also drastically reduces the wasted administrative costs of the traditional charity. Using this model, CandidWorks is able to reduce the average overhead costs of the traditional charity from 36.9% to only 5%. Lower overhead means more of your contributions get put into action, all while going twice as far!

In addition to doubling the distance of your contributions, CandidWorks provides greater control, and transparency in how your contributions are spent. That’s why we created a simple, easy to use system that allows users to create campaigns for social good, and validate their work by ‘checking-in’ with photo or video updates whenever they begin and end honoring their pledge. This enables benefactors to see evidence of the impact made by their contributions as the volunteers provide photo and video updates along the way, and build a lasting bond with those they support!

You Can Make

An Impact

There's no magic number that can define the value on what you give, but we created a brief outline of what could be accomplished with only minimal contributions.

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Contributions are currently made on a P2P level, but, to create a starting point for benefactors and volunteers to assess what may be a reasonable ask we combined several combined several aspects of the current charity model to create a 'Suggested Contribution Value' that may best benefit all involved parties if selected for use. To do this, we started by combining the IRS’s value of one hour of volunteer time [currently assessed at $25.43 per hour], with the average 36.9% of contributions that are lost to overhead through the traditional Charity model and arrived at a Suggested Contribution Value of $34.81 per hour.

By utilizing a 5% overhead model for operational costs, this value could enable those with existing student loan debt to reduce their average monthly payment of $280 to only $15.42 by providing 2 hours of service to a charitable cause each week – or a total of 8 hours each month – all while reducing the overhead costs of the traditional charity model by 31.9%. In addition, by contributing 2 hours of volunteer service each week over the average 4-years spent in the higher education, this would not only alleviate 33% of their educational expenses incurred before graduation, but also reduce the duration of their loan repayment by 9 years without any additional out-of-pocket funding through the reduction interest accrued through the course of their loan deferment.

Get Started

Become a partner in supporting the social, environmental, and educational causes you care about.

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Sign-uping and getting started is easy! However, as a start-up focused on social impact, we are constantly looking to connect with any and all entities who are interested in social, environmental, and educational improvement. If you are part of a charity / non-profit that could use support - a commercial venture looking to give back and support the community while supporting education – or even have a bright new idea for service, contact us at! We look forward to hearing from you, and, as always – wish you and all those you impact the best in all your endeavors!

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