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You  have the 


to make a change.

The CandidWorks way.

We help students get funding, charities get help, and donors do TWICE the good through Dual Impact Giving.

Dual Impact Giving is more than a buzz word. It's a verb that means giving once, and getting 2X the return. At CandidWorks, we use Dual Impact Giving to double the value of your donations by helping support an individuals higher education, and the social and environmental causes you care about at the same time!


The CandidWorks Mission

At CandidWorks, our mission is to inspire action among those who are passionate about social and environmental improvement while reducing national student loan debt at the same time. To accomplish this, we’ve created a way for benefactors to connect with like-minded students and graduates, and donate to their student loan debt in exchange for their commitment to volunteer for a social or environmental cause of similar interest. For volunteers, this means the financial freedom to break away from student loan debt and contribute more time back into the community, all while gaining real world experience in the social and environmental sectors that matter most. For benefactors, this means making your donations go twice as far by helping support both an individual’s education and the causes you care about, all while creating a new generation of philanthropic individuals ready to pay it forward. In essence, doubling the altruistic value of the American dollar by helping the same charitable causes that we care about, while reducing national student loan debt at the same time!

See How You Can Make An Impact

Vets around the World.jpg
Students and Graduates

Create a campaign to raise money toward your student loan debt, and pay it forward by providing volunteer service to the social and environmental causes you care about. Each time you begin and end a volunteer project, provide photo and video updates of your work to share the impact of your contributions with the benefactors who support you!

Smiling Volunteer for Habbitat for Human

Contribute to a student or graduates loan debt, and double the value of your donations by helping support both their higher education, and the causes you care about at the same time! Watch your contributions put into action through photo and video updates, all with 31.6% less of your donation lost to overhead through the traditional charity model!

African Children - Soccer Ball -
Volunteer Efforts

Recruit younger, highly skilled volunteers who are passionate about the social and environmental causes you support, all at a fraction of your traditional costs in time and labor. This generates greater awareness for the causes you care about, all while inspiring a generation of new philanthropic individuals ready to pay it forward! 

How It Works

Double the value of your dollar while seeing it put to action!

At a fraction of the cost of the traditional charity, CandidWorks enables students, graduates, and benefactors to give back to their communities, all while becoming more directly involved in the causes they care about. 

Traditional Charity Model.png
Candidworks Model.png

By creating a profile, students and graduates can post their skills, background, and interest in volunteering, and run campaigns to crowdsource funding for their student debt. In addition, volunteer organizers can create profiles to inform others of their areas of need, and better source skilled, empathetic support through the volunteerism of students and graduates.

Operating as a peer to peer network not only connects individuals with the causes they support, but also drastically reduces the wasted administrative costs of the traditional charity. Using this model, CandidWorks is able to reduce the average overhead costs of the traditional charity from 36.9% to only 5%. Lower overhead means more of your contributions get put into action, all while going twice as far!

In addition to doubling the distance of your contributions, CandidWorks provides greater control, and transparency in how your contributions are spent. That’s why we created a simple, easy to use system that allows users to create campaigns for social good, and validate their work by ‘checking-in’ with photo or video updates whenever they begin and end honoring their pledge. This enables benefactors to see evidence of the impact made by their contributions as the volunteers provide photo and video updates along the way, and build a lasting bond with those they support!

Recent Campaigns

Vets around the World.jpg


06/20 - 07/20

Passionate elementary school teacher and volunteer for the "Call Me Mister" program in Southside VA mentoring...

Funding Goal:


Give Support
Alan Levine - community-udgagora-200943-


06/20 - 07/20

Administrator for an under privileged elementary school Southern VA. I love helping children after school but have...

Funding Goal:


Give Support
African Children - Soccer Ball -


06/20 - 07/20

I'm a professional staffing agent and recent home-buyer. I'm trying support my community, but 

Funding Goal:


Give Support
  • Improved Access to Higher Education

  • 31.6% Less Overhead than the Traditional Charity

  • Improved Transparency of How Your Donations Are Spent

  • 2x Return on Your Contribution

Get Started

Become a partner in supporting the social, environmental, and educational causes you care about.

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