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We are solving the student debt crisis through dual impact giving

We help students get funding, charities get help, and donors do TWICE the good through Dual Impact Giving.

Dual Impact Giving is more than a buzz word. It's a verb that means making a single contribution do twice the good! At CandidWorks, we're using Dual Impact Giving to help students and graduates source funding to their loan student debt, in exchange for their commitment to provide skilled volunteer service to the social and environmental causes that impact us all. In essence, doubling the value of the traditional donation by helping support an individuals higher education, and the social and environmental causes that you care about at the same time! Learn more...

Students and Graduates

Create a campaign to raise money toward your student loan debt, and pay it forward by providing volunteer service to the social and environmental causes you care about. Each time you begin and end a volunteer project, provide photo and video updates of your work to share the impact of your contributions with the benefactors who support you!

Contribute to a student or graduates loan debt, and double the value of your donations by helping support both higher education, and the causes you care about at the same time! Watch your contributions put into action through photo and video updates, all with 31.6% less of your donation lost to overhead through the traditional charity model!

Volunteer Efforts

Recruit young, highly skilled volunteers who are passionate about the social and environmental causes you support. Contact us to create a campaign, and begin generating greater awareness for the causes you care about at no cost - all while inspiring a new generation of dedicated, philanthropic individuals ready to pay it forward! 

Recent Campaigns

Corey Fowlkes - 412868_355096027835063_1


12/22 - 01/23

Passionate elementary school teacher and volunteer for the "Call Me Mister" program in Southside VA. Recently...

Funding Goal:


LFR - Adults and Kids Volunteering - NeedPix.jpg


12/22 - 01/23

As an administrator for an under privileged elementary school Southern VA. I love helping children after...

Funding Goal:


Carrie Mouser Gravely - Softball - 80958815_10216259959112320_868243573215068160_n.jpg


01/23 - 02/23

I'm a professional staffing agent and recent home buyer. I'm passionate about supporting my community, but...

Funding Goal:


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