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Double the the value of the dollar you donate with Dual Impact Giving

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We make your dollars do twice the good

This is temporary text on the value that dual impact giving will bring to the benefactor. It should explain how they will be able to see their funds in action while doubling the impact they make. It should also explain how funds are processed (currently to the individuals bank account; however, coming shortly they will be processed direct to debt as well. This part may not need to go here as this should be inviting / encouraging more than anything, but somewhere in general.
Support a Student or Grad
Find a student or graduate with similar interests, and make a donation
See your Contribution in Action
Get photo and video updates as they complete vital volunteer work
Double Your Impact
Double the impact of your donation by supporting higher education and the causes you care about at the same time

You Made This Possible

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More than Giving

Learn About Our Mission
CandidWorks was designed to provide students and graduates the freedom to provide service to causes they about without student loan debt holding them back.
Why CandidWorks
CandidWorks was made by people just like you, and because of that, we know exactly what you need in a systemic solution. Read about our inspiration today.
You're in good hands

Twice the Impact with Less Waste

Operating with only 5% overhead means more of your money goes to the causes you care about, and less goes to waste. In fact, 31.9% less compared with the average non-profit - all while making your donations go twice as far!

Whats Expected

See Your Impact

This section is temporary and should discuss how volunteers are expected to show their work. A key point that should be made is how these are suggestions, and not requirements. In support of our mission to become a public benefit organization, we must structure these contributions as gifts rather than contracts. Because of that, once you make a donation, it is processed as an irrevocable gift that cannot be taken back regardless of whether the work was done. To ensure that participants complete volunteer work; however, we ask that they upload photos and videos of themselves. This connects you with the work their doing, while also allowing you to determine if the contribution they're giving back to the world is worth the contribution you are making to them. While previous 'gifts' may not be returned, you may cut future funding at any time.
Assessing Value

Assessing Value

This is temporary text that needs to be updated. In general it should talk about how payments may be different depending on who the student or graduate is. That some may have more debt than others, and make it reasonable to pay more. What we'd like to see is people being able to volunteer between a full day or two a month to repay their debt.

At this time, benefactors can make one time payments or set them to be recurring if the individual seeks to volunteer reliably every month (we love to see that!), but in the interest of our mission to harness direct to debt payment in the coming months, we as that funding goals do not exceed the volunteers monthly loan payment. If you would like to know more about how you can go about assessing responsible goals, we advise everyone to read our section on 'Suggested Contribution Value.'

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